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Refresh. Reconnect. Reflect.

Why join our retreat?


We believe that getting together in a beautiful place boosts your productivity and happiness.
Find breakthrough ideas, participate in daily workshops, and work on your health while indulging fresh food and being surrounded by nature and great views. 

Your body may sit, stay, or text all day long, which by time shapes our body and our mind as well. Many things become habits and unconscious repetitive embodiment.



We will be offering you daily talks and workshops regarding the latest business trends.



To be able to focus we need time to relax, enjoy nature, and great food to fuel our bodies. 

This is what you will experience during a four-day Retreat in the alps (24.-27. October 2020)


We will be offering daily talks and workshops in the morning and will continue in the afternoon.

The Workshops will be on topics such as:

  • How to attract the perfect customer.

  • Learn how to use Storytelling in business.

  • Business strategy session

  • Lean Development

  • Cooking class

  • and many more. 

People During Workshop
Image by Dimitri Houtteman


We will be staying in a charming, calm, peaceful House with a breathtaking view. 

We will be staying in a Chalet near Zweisimmen with double or single rooms. 

Yoga Practice


Our mind and body do many things on a daily basis and must stay focused. Thought, speech, and action shape the mind (samskaras) and the patterns of our movements. All this has an impact on our daily life, as well as our daily business.

Yoga and Meditation help us to bring alignment to our body and mind on a daily basis. Become more aware of your actions, your words, and your movements by simply bringing awareness into your daily breath, yoga, and meditation practice, which will absolutely reflect into your daily business.

How will the schedule look like? 


We will meet in Bern on Saturday the 24th of October and travel by minivan to Annecy France.  We will take care of the transfer, food, accommodation. All you need to do is pack your bag, be open and curious for this getaway. On the 27th we will return back to Bern.

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 15.23.27.png
Beautiful Landscape



We want you to be able to relax and focus just on your goals, vision, and mission. Therefore we have put together an all-inclusive package that includes the following: 


Transfer from Bern to Simmenthal.


3 nights accommodation (private or shared) * 


All meals included which are made fresh and with lots of love.


Refreshing and non-alcoholic drinks.


Daily Business Workshops will take place at the accommodation. 


Daily Yoga & Mediation will be offered to start and end the day. 


Learn about conscious movements and how you can utilize this in your daily life. 


ME-time to reflect, network, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

4 days and 3 nights for CHF 880


A minimum of 5 People needed

* Privat rooms are a total of CHF 980

Meet The Team



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Accelerate your product development by integration awareness and movement into your daily business.

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Will make sure that you can relax and motivate and encourage you to work on new business ideas. 

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Will make sure that your body is fueled by only the best and freshest foods.

Do you have any further questions?

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